The Secret to Inspiring Students within Bridgewater E-nopi English Class …

Hello! I’m Amanda Weber, the English teacher who you see in that green room which is as bright as all of the students who walk through my door. Over the past two months I have had the joy of getting to know the likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and preferences of each of my students. That’s right! I know who can’t stand idioms, who are captivated by ancient Greek myths, and who loves Star Wars stickers. My antennae are always up!


Of course I act as a facilitator of reading, writing, listening and speaking the English language, but my other duty is to inspire the children in front of me. This is to ask the thought-provoking questions and really listen carefully to their answers to grasp what interests them and utilize this information in different ways to inspire a true love of learning.


Student journals are great for this! Wouldn’t you be more interested in writing about something that was intriguing to you? The trick is forming the prompts in such a way that will provoke different forms of writing that need to be practiced (persuasive writing, informational text, creative writing to name a few). We also purchase books based on specific student-interests for them to read during break time for all of these reasons. (By the way, have you checked out our new library yet? It will bring back so many good memories of your own favorites!)


I am so excited that I will now be launching the first of many Writing Workshops to come, “Invent a World” Creative Writing! Stay Tuned for the next workshop sign-up! It’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance the English curriculum that we offer here at Bridgewater E-nopi.

See you in the Green Room!


- Miss Amanda

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