Center Policies

Welcome to Eye Level! Below are some policies regarding Class Sessions,Scheduling and Make-ups,Vacation and Travel,etc.

1. Session Attendance and Homework :
  • Your child is required to attend 1 or 2 session(s) per week, depending on the number of subjects enrolled.
  • As session(s) will start on time, your child must arrive at the center on time for the session.
  • Your child will be assigned with six days’ worth of work per week; one day’s work will be completed at the center and the remaining assignments at home. Your child must complete all assigned homework, as the completed booklets will be graded and returned during the next in-class session for any necessary correction(s).
  • New booklets will be provided only when all assigned homework has been completed.
  • It is crucial that your child maintain consistency in working on the booklets on a daily basis. Accordingly, please make sure you set aside about 20 minutes each day as Eye Level time. Doing homework every day rather than finishing it all in one or two days will help your child develop good study habits; therefore, daily homework is a very important part of the Eye Level program.
  • You become the eyes and ears of Eye Level Bridgewater at home with respect to the work we assign at home. Please use the ‘Key & Note’ notebook as a communication tool with your Eye Level Bridgewater instructor.
  • It is important that we maintain proper teacher-to-student ratios for the Eye Level program. Accordingly:
    • If there is a need for a temporary schedule change or a planned absence, a 24-hour notice is required.
    • In the case of illness, please contact us no less than 2 hours prior to your scheduled session so that you can make arrangements to pick up the planned assignments for the week.
  • If proper notification is provided, the absence will be considered ‘excused,’ and a make-up session will be offered, subject to the conditions set forth below. All other absences are considered ‘unexcused,’ and will not be eligible for make-up session(s).
Session Make-Up:
  • Make up sessions must be scheduled in advance as indicated above in order to ensure that proper teacher-to-student ratios are maintained at the Learning Center.
  • A maximum of [1] make-up session per month is allowed.
  • Make-up session(s) must be scheduled within 2 weeks of the missed session or else it will be forfeited.
  • No credit will be given for the missed original scheduled session(s) or missed make-up session(s).
  • If you know your child will miss a scheduled session, please pick up the homework so your child will not miss a week’s worth of work.
  • Vacations must be taken in calendar month intervals. If you plan to take a vacation, please notify your Center Director at least two weeks prior to the month you will be out by filling out the “Vacation Notice Form”. We will pause your classes for the duration of your vacation. We will try on a best effort basis to keep your same schedule, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reserve the same slot for your return.
Termination Notice Period:
  • You must give a 30-day advance notice if you wish to terminate your enrollment.
  • Submit the “Withdrawal Form” to your Center Director. You are required to pay all tuition fees prior to withdrawing.
3.Tuition Fees and Promotional Rates
  • You can take advantage of promotional discounted rates in the event of a promotional discount campaign for a specified period of time. Regular rates will apply once the campaign expires.
  • Regular rates are defined as the standard per subject per month tuition fee as stated in the Price Table of Eye Level Bridgewater.
  • Please refer to the Price Table of Eye Level Bridgewater for your regular rates.
  • Should a previously enrolled student wants to resume the program, and it has been longer than 3 months since the last date the child was in attendance, Eye Level Bridgewater reserves the right to apply current year pricing table.
4. Registration Fee and Tuition Payment
  • The first tuition payment is due and payable upon registration. A one time registration fee is due the first month after the trial period. All fees paid are non-refundable.
  • Payment is due by the first week of the attending month.
  • A Tuition reminder will be given to you, either by email or in person, usually the third week of each month for the tuition that is due for the following month. Failure to provide this notice will not excuse tuition payment nor extend the due date.
  • Should a previously enrolled student want to resume the program, the current registration fee will be waived only if the student returns within 3 months of the last date the child was in attendance at Eye Level Bridgewater
5. Center Closing
  • If the Eye Level Center has to be closed unexpectedly (e.g. snowstorm), a representative of the Eye Level Center will use reasonable efforts to notify you via email or telephone.
  • The Eye Level Center will observe Federal Holidays. (There will be no classes held on major holidays). No make-up classes will be provided in this circumstance.
  • The Eye Level Center may be also be closed for specific vacation periods, in which case, it will be announced to students and parents at least one month in advance whenever possible.
6. Meeting with the Center Director
  • The Center Director will be your primary contact point at the Eye Level Center to inquire about your child’s progress.
  • The Center Director may not be available for individual conferences during center open hours. If you would like to inquire about your child’s progress or communicate directly with the Center Director, please utilize the “Key & Note” notebook.
  • If you would strongly wish to have a conference with your child’s instructor, please contact the Center Director to arrange the meeting date and time, which may not be during center hours. The center director will sit in on the meeting.
6. Privacy / Protection Policy
  • Eye Level Learning Centers are not day-care centers. They cannot provide child care services. Parents and guardians are advised that each child’s study session is one hour in length. If, in the parent’s or guardian’s determination, a child is not old enough to go to and from the Learning Center on his/her own, the parent/guardian is responsible for assuring the child’s arrival and departure. Eye Level Learning Centers are not responsible for ensuring that any child stays on the premises.
  • The parent/guardian shall be liable for any damages and injuries caused by their child to other persons and the parent agrees to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify Daekyo America, Inc., and its Instructor(s). The Eye Level franchisee is not liable for any Eye Level student outside the Center facility before the student enters or after the student leaves the Learning Center.