Eye Level Korean is a multi-step program that enables personalized learning at one’s individual level of literacy

  1. STEP 1 Eye Level Korean Concept
  2. STEP 2 Structure
  3. STEP 3 Worksheets
  4. STEP 4 Learning Materials

Characteristics of Eye Level Korean

Individualized and customized
Each student will be placed at the most appropriate starting point after diagnostic test and will continue to progress at an individual pace.
Students will improve their literacy step-by-step on a weekly basis. Each level of our program is carefully divided according to sentence structure, word familiarity, story lengths, and themes. Thus students are able to learn the Korean language in comfortable increments.
Our simple and effective materials enable learners to study independently. Students can also check their academic achievements and progress through evaluation every week. Achieving mastery through repetition, students will review and study intensively using additional workbooks.