Great Teachers

Hi! I’m Jessica Hite (soon to be Jessica d’Anunciacao!), the director at Enopi Bridgewater. Today a parent came up to me and said that she noticed a big difference in her child after only two months of coming here.  Her child does not hesitate to write a sentence now and has learned a variety of tips that help decode a new word when reading. This shows how dedicated our teachers are to improving the abilities of the students that come here.  A good teacher does just enough to ensure the success of his or her students, but a great teacher goes above and beyond to ensure that his or her students understand and master what they have just been taught. That could mean bringing in a different way of doing multiplication or teaching tips for understanding when reading, even if that is not what the lesson is on.  Here at Enopi, that is what our teachers do. We want to go above and beyond so that a student understands a concept. We don’t want them to be frustrated when adding or writing a sentence, we want them to feel comfortable with a topic. Our teachers are great teachers!! : )

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